Indiana Lawmaker Shows Gun to Protesting Students at Capitol

( – Students recruited as part of a nationwide lobbying effort to convince lawmakers to enact more restrictive forms of gun control were shocked and frightened by the revelation that one of the lawmakers they were attempting to lobby was legally carrying his personal firearm.

Everytown for Gun Safety deployed the children to the Statehouse as part of a national campaign to lobby in favor of more gun control when they were approached by State Rep. Jim Lucas (R) who engaged the students in a lively discussion about gun rights and the Second Amendment.

One student recorded the exchange on her phone. Lucas suggested that Americans have to have the means to adequately defend themselves to secure their individual liberty.

One student said that someone carrying a firearm did not make her feel safe. Lucas said that feelings weren’t the basis for adult discussions on firearm legislation. Alana Trissel, 17, speaking with the Associated Press said she felt “powerless,” “scared,” and “alone.” She further characterized the experience as being “petrified with fear.”

Lucas responded later on social media suggesting he pitied the children who are being indoctrinated to fear inanimate objects which happen to be their best chance at effectively defending themselves from violence. He highlighted previous court rulings that showed the government is not required to render aid to civilians, suggesting civilians need to be their own first responders.

Even conservative outlets who discuss the story seem to have a pro-gun control angle. The New York Post and Fox News both suggested Lucas “flashed” his weapon at the children instead of simply saying he showed them he was legally armed.

Both ostensibly conservative outlets highlighted Lucas’ unrelated conviction for DUI last year as if it imply the man is unhinged or otherwise lacking credibility. He ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to probation for a year and a small fine. A judge later terminated his probation after six months of good behavior. The matter is effectively settled and bears no relevance to a discussion about gun control.

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