Impeachment Inquiry Enters Uncharted Territory for Bidens

( – Things may be about to get quite uncomfortable for President Joe Biden and his family as Republic lawmakers plan to call some of his closest associates to testify in their impeachment inquiry. Reports suggest the likely witnesses have first-hand information about the president’s business ventures and finances, as well as his relationship ups and downs with his troubled son, Hunter.

Coming up to testify will likely be figures such as Eric Schwerin, Rob Walker, and Tony Bobulinski. The president’s own brother, James Biden, appears to be on the list, too.

Prior witnesses for the Republican probe did not give GOP officials the smoking gun evidence they needed to bring impeachment charges. As an example, lawmakers questioned an art dealer, George Berges, and a bankruptcy expert, Carol Fox, about matters relating to Hunter Biden’s sales of his “art,” and about James Biden’s involvement with a healthcare organization. It may have been useful, but it wasn’t useful enough for an impeachment inquiry.

That may change with the next slate of witnesses, and it may get fiery. Tony Bobulinski was a colleague of Hunter and James Biden in their dealings with a Chinese energy firm in 2017. Text messages Republicans got a hold of indicate Hunter Biden froze out Bobulinksi from some key matters, calling him a “bully” and a “one-man wrecking ball.” It seems likely that Bobulinski’s upcoming testimony will not be friendly or flattering toward the Bidens.

In 2020, Bobulinksi told the FBI that then-newly-minted President Joe Biden was personally involved in his son’s 2020 ventures with the Chinese company. He has directly accused the president of lying about his involvement with the activities.

Another key upcoming witness, Eric Schwerin, eventually became a partner in Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca Partners after working with the Biden family for 20 years. He was also a personal financial adviser to President Joe Biden and sent and received several dozen emails to Biden when he was vice president.

Rob Walker, who is scheduled to appear before the inquiry committee next week, is already known to have sent $1.3 million to Biden family members as part of the business arrangements with the Chinese energy company Hunter Biden was involved with. Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, Republican of Kentucky, has said he has “many questions” for the businessman.

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