Immigrants Using Social Media to Assist in Illegal Border Crossings

( – A new report from independent journalist Savannah Hernandez published on May 29th is an exposé revealing how Facebook is being used daily to facilitate multiple felonies, including human trafficking, illegal aliens getting fake IDs, bank accounts, or access to Uber Eats and other delivery apps for employment.

Hernandez shared a brief video to X wherein she described multiple posts she found on Facebook advertising various services to illegal aliens currently in the U.S. or those looking to come here illegally. One of the posts she shared advertised fake driver’s licenses for sale, and another offered fake Social Security cards and fake credit reports which are all incredibly illegal.

One seller posted a video of his fake IDs, claiming it could pass security scans and showcasing a black light-reactive hologram. Hernandez highlighted how the service can generate a license from any U.S. state, which she said was confirmed during a direct message exchange with the account operator.

The service also offered rentals for things like bank accounts, Uber Eats, or Instacart. She also found different services that advertised renting employee accounts with delivery services so illegal aliens could work and get paid.

She also revealed pages that showcased human trafficking across the southern border; services showed videos of large groups of migrants working their way through Mexico. Hernandez showed that Coyote 502 has nearly 100,000 followers and uploaded multiple videos openly advertising human trafficking. The comments claimed new potential border crossers could be in the U.S. in under 20 minutes.

Hernandez discovered Coyote 502 was asking $7500 a person and offering a finder’s fee of $1000 for each referral who used the service. She also stressed that this was just one example of multiple accounts doing the same thing.

Despite the sale of fake IDs and human trafficking being highly illegal, parent company Meta seems more than willing to allow these practices on their platform. Hernandez pointed out that these digital services are available in all fifty U.S. states and abroad.

Facebook is notorious for a left-leaning bias and pro-censorship of conservative viewpoints. They’re additionally enabling felonious criminal violations on a national scale if this reporting is accurate.

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