Illegal Migrant Previously Deported 16 Times Charged for Deadly Crash

( – A man in the country illegally who’s been previously deported over a dozen times was arrested and charged after an accident he caused resulted in the death of an American citizen as well as additional injuries.

Mexican national Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza, 47, was slapped with driving without a commercial driver’s license, vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, and reckless driving. The accident caused the death of Scott Miller, 64, a local from Bailey, Colorado.

Colorado State Police reported that Cruz-Mendoza was the driver of a semi-truck owned by Monique Trucking when the incident occurred on Highway 285 around Conifer, Colorado. The truck slid off the road and flipped onto its side, spilling large piping and other heavy construction materials onto the highway, damaging five other vehicles on the road and killing Miller. An additional driver was in critical condition, but their condition has improved and they are no longer in serious danger.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed to the press that Cruz-Mendoza is a habitual border hopper, having been deported back to Mexico no less than 16 times over the past two decades. His first deportation was in May 2002 after authorities busted him in Oregon.

Now ICE doesn’t want to let him go. They’re requesting he be handed over to them if the police release him for any reason. Currently, he’s being held by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in the notoriously left-leaning state of Colorado; Democrat prosecutors have tended to release illegal aliens.

A young boy and his mother were also killed by another illegal alien in December 2023 in Broomfield, Colorado. Melissa Powell, 39, and her 16-year-old son Riordan died after Jose Menjivar, 37, slammed his car into theirs on December 12th last year. Both mother and son were killed in the crash and the El Salvadoran was arrested and charged with reckless vehicular homicide, DUI resulting in death, and repeat offender modifiers.

Menjivar has a string of DUI convictions between 2007 and 2019 and is also a regular illegal border crosser.

Crimes by illegal aliens have become a major focal point heading into the November general election with Trump and his allies regularly highlighting Joe Biden’s disastrous policies along the border as being directly responsible for the deaths of dozens or hundreds of Americans.

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