Hunter Tried to Pay $250k to Hide His Child

( – According to a forthcoming book from Lunden Roberts, presidential son Hunter Biden tried to pay her a quarter-million dollars to stay quiet about the baby the two had together out of wedlock.

“Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden,” is a memoir by Roberts in which she tells about her relationship with Hunter and its aftermath. Roberts claims Hunter Biden wanted to pay her $250,000 in 2019 to stay silent about the lovechild and to let him off the hook for being Navy Joan Lunden’s father. The girl is now five years old.

Roberts claims she dated Hunter at the same time he was hooked on crack cocaine. Once he found out she was pregnant with their child in 2018, Roberts writes, Hunter mistreated her. The pair met while Roberts was working as a stripper in a nightclub in Washington, D.C.

Hunter Biden did not merely want Lunden Roberts to stay quiet; he also did not want to pay child support. At one point, Hunter asked a court to deny his daughter the right to carry the Biden surname.

President Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, was criticized for years for claiming he had four grandchildren. Navy Joan Roberts is his fifth grandchild, but he would not publicly acknowledge this until July of 2023.

In the forthcoming memoir, Lunden Roberts’ lawyer Clint Lancaster said the Bidens asked Roberts to sign a non-disclosure agreement, too. Roberts said she responded angrily, saying, “Oh, hell no,” and that the Bidens could put the NDA in an unmentionable place. The author said she felt “so much heartbreak and anger at the same time.”

Podcaster and former news anchor Megyn Kelly recently hosted Lunden Roberts on “The Megyn Kelly” show to talk about what happened between Roberts and Hunter Biden when the pregnancy was revealed. Roberts told Kelly that her cell phones were inexplicably wiped clean, and she suspects some unknown actor was trying to get rid of evidence of the relationship between the two.

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