Hunter Spotted At White House Days After Defying Congressional Subpoena

( – Infamous Presidential son Hunter Biden was photographed exiting Marine One with President Joe Biden and other members of his family on Tuesday, December 19th. Hunter Biden was scheduled to give testimony before a closed-door session of Congress on Wednesday, December 13th but opted to skip the appearance and defy a congressional subpoena.

Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) pointed out that had anyone other than the President’s son did what Hunter Biden did, they’d be charged immediately by the DOJ. Smith pointed out that the antics of the First Son reminded the public that the Bidens seemingly enjoy the privilege of avoiding legal scrutiny. Smith called it a “two-tiered system” echoing complaints about the lack of prosecution of Joe Biden or his son for their alleged criminal activities.

Hunter Biden instead stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building and decried the investigation into his family’s finances as “illegitimate.” Hunter Biden referred to evidence gathered by GOP investigators that they took money from China, Burisma executives (a Ukrainian energy company), and others that ended up in various bank accounts of the Biden family members as “distortions, manipulated evidence, and lies.”

Hunter Biden had the opportunity to opine as much to the investigators themselves but declined, instead preferring to spout the party line on the subject to the press. He also asked for a public interview, which Congressional leaders said they would allow after a closed-door deposition.

GOP investigators plan to slap Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress charges for his failure to appear; what the DOJ does with the charges is another matter. The GOP-controlled House voted later on the same day to authorize formal impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, which adds legal weight to their subpoenas and other attempts to gather evidence.

Smith pointed out that every Republican voted for the impeachment proceedings to advance which demonstrates the legitimacy of the evidence gathered against President Biden so far. He added that the White House had repeatedly blocked their attempts to scrutinize Biden’s finances and his connections to international financiers.

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