Hunter Biden Set to Be Indicted This Month in Gun Case

( – Special Counsel David Weiss, who was appointed to investigate the investigation he was already investigating, has announced his intention to indict Hunter Biden for gun crimes. The Justice Department has indicated that the as-yet-unknown number of charges would be filed by the end of the month.

Republican legislators and conservative talking heads erupted in a chorus almost immediately and suggested that the charges were only brought to distract voters away from the more serious issues the Biden family is facing. Although it is possible Weiss could bring an additional case against the President’s son for separate federal tax issues, the attorney did not mention those items in his latest announcement.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News on September 7th that the “more serious” matter that needs to be attended to is the Biden family finances. Allegations have been made that Hunter Biden’s past and current tax problems are not merely a problem for the younger Biden.

Legislators and IRS whistleblowers alike have said that the President’s son traded internationally on the Biden name and that the finances among members of the family are all knowingly intertwined. The separate tax problems the younger Biden faced at one time pose a problem for the President himself, they say. Many suggest that an impartial investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances could uncover criminal payoffs to his father.

On Twitter, Kari Lake called the anticipated charges a “distraction” and “small potatoes.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert referred to them as “rich” and said the “sweetheart deal” prosecutors once offered him will be offered “all over again.” On his account, Senator Ted Cruz made the assertion that the indictment is part of a Justice Department “strategy to protect the big guy.”

In the background of Weiss’ indictment, the Oversight Committee is continuing its investigation of the Bidens. Rep. Comer is currently trying to gather past emails that show the then-Vice President’s involvement in his son’s business activities.

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