Hunter Biden Might Get Supreme Court Help

( – According to some, your gun rights may be about to expand thanks to Hunter Biden’s drug-related firearms charges. Yes, you read that correctly!

Though no one knows the future, it certainly appears that the younger Biden’s attorney is preparing to argue the merits of a landmark Supreme Court case from 2022 in his efforts to get his client’s current gun charges dropped.

While New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen had absolutely nothing to do with drugs, prostitutes, or allegations of corruption, the case did address past gun restrictions that had been imposed on New Yorkers by their state government. Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, has floated suggestions that he may be planning to use a portion of the case in his defense of the President’s son.

Because our nation’s legal system is built on precedence, some say that Lowell may actually have a shot. In a ruling of 6-3 in the aforementioned case, the highest court in the land decided that previously-imposed restrictions on New Yorker’s concealed-carry rights were unconstitutional. According to some, the man who is also representing Senator Robert Menendez could argue that the restrictions that made Hunter Biden’s gun purchase illegal were unconstitutional to begin with.

Before one dismisses Lowell’s possible courtroom maneuvering as a Hail Mary, one should first be aware that there was a reason Sen. Menendez chose him as his lawyer. The New Jersey legislator’s current bribery charges are not the first round of federal allegations he has faced.

In 2017, Menendez escaped prison time thanks to Lowell’s skills. Hunter Biden may not end up as lucky as the lawmaker from New Jersey, but if he does, it would set another legal precedent that some are referring to as politically ironic.

According to a well-known UCLA law professor, Democrats would be forced to contend with the fact that one of their own was inadvertently responsible for “greatly expanding” national gun rights.

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