Hundreds of Migrants Released into U.S. After Border Stampede

( – Many will remember the March 21st incident at the Texas-Mexico border when hundreds of border jumpers rioted, busting through a razor-wire fence and taking swings at border patrol officers.

Out of the 200 arrested that day, 43 were put right back out on the street, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Media reports indicate that the majority of the rest are in custody awaiting either immigration hearings or being deported.

The riot took place at the border in El Paso, one of the Texas cities that sees a high number of border-jumpers. Texas has tried to keep illegal immigrants at bay through Operation Lone Star, which, among other things, has put up razor wire and other obstacles along the border. Texas has also stepped up the foot patrol along its border with Mexico.

Immigration, mostly illegal, has skyrocketed since 2021 under the Biden administration, despite the president’s false claims that his administration has the situation under control.

President Joe Biden and many Democrat leaders are reversing the truth, blaming Republicans for the border crisis to deflect from their own lack of action.

The latest numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that agents nabbed 87,600 illegal aliens at the southern border in June. What may surprise people is that this large number is actually the lowest monthly total in three years. When Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, agents apprehended 75,316, a notable low at the time. The month before, Donald Trump’s last full month as president, the monthly total was 71,141. These figures reflect only the border-jumpers who were caught; many others got away.

President Biden’s recent executive order on immigration may be helping stem the tide. The order deprives illegal border-crossers of the ability to claim asylum and fast-tracks them for deportation. In addition, the order will close the border if more than 2,500 immigrant-officer encounters happen within one week.

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