Hundreds of Immigrants Storm The Border, Plowing Over Guards

( – A throng of illegal aliens who rushed the El Paso border in Texas on March 21st tried to break past border patrol and the Texas National Guard before being stopped from entering further into the U.S.

Customs and Border Protection said a group of at least 300 illegal migrants rushed through an opening in the border fence after one family was initially let through. About 1/3 of the crowd was made up of adult men, and one border jumper has been arrested for assault on an officer. The CBP is beefing up security at the El Paso border crossing in response.

Video taken by the New York Post shows a migrant cutting razor wire at the border fence while a couple of dozen others line up to get through the opening. What appears to be Texas National Guard members line up on the U.S. side to prevent the group from getting farther.

One soldier can be heard in the video telling a “migrant” to “get the f— back” as officers try to corral the group. The CBP said they had dispersed and repelled the group by 3 pm, and that “additional personnel have been deployed to the scene.”

In a statement, the CBP reiterated that crossing the border without authorization is illegal, a true statement that today seems almost unspeakable in the eyes of left-leaning voters. Illegal border crossers can be sent back and may face a five-year ban on trying to enter the U.S. again, CBP said.

National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd said the agency would be poring over the video to figure out exactly who physically assaulted the soldiers. Those found responsible will be put on a path to deportation, and are subject to criminal prosecution.

Illegal immigration has become a full-blown crisis since Joe Biden was elected president in 2020. Tight control of the border used to be a reasonable bi-partisan stance, but in recent years the Democratic Party has labeled anyone opposed to uncontrolled immigration “racist” or xenophobic.

The Biden presidency has seen more illegal immigration than any other period in U.S. history. In just fiscal year 2023, 2.4 million illegal aliens crossed the border. Some estimates put the number of illegal entries under President Biden at between 6 and 10 million.

Texas has been battling the problem on its own by passing laws that give local officers the ability to arrest illegal immigrants. The Biden administration has kept the state tied up in court, as it sees immigration control as a federal prerogative.

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