Guy Fieri Faces Leftist Backlash Over Trump Photo

( – Star chef Guy Fieri is the latest celebrity to be targeted by cancel culture for political reasons. Fieri is receiving backlash for a recent picture of him shaking hands with former President Donald Trump.

The photo was taken by Fieri at the UFC 290 event in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 7. UFC events are a popular event that often feature appearances from the former president. Trump has had a close relationship with UFC President Dana White. He is also known to be friendly with popular American podcaster Joe Rogan, host of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

Trump was also seen talking with actor Mark Wahlberg and movie director Mel Gibson. Laura Chapin, a semi-popular liberal activist on Twitter, blasted Fieri on the social media platform, sarcastically congratulating him for “trashing his brand” by “gripping and grinning” with the former president.

Former White Stripes lead singer Jack White also took to Instagram, declaring that anyone who “normalizes” treating the former president with respectfully — also calling Trump a “fascist, racist, conman piece of sh*t” — is also “disgusting.” He specifically called out Rogan, Fieri, Wahlberg and Gibson in his post.

Harry Sisson also took to Twitter calling out Fieri, writing, “What’s wrong with these celebrities?” He accused Fieri of trying to “normalize” Trump’s behavior, further citing the former president’s record of being impeached twice, as well as calling him a “sexual abuser,” and “not a good guy.

Other people on Twitter also made their views known, with one user writing that Fieri shouldn’t even be shaking hands with the former president, calling him a “racist rapist Nazi,” further declaring that the “stain won’t wash off.”

Another mentioned Food Network’s twitter account in their Tweet, writing, “Boycott Guy Fieri!” They said further that she knew Fieri was a “bigot,” but didn’t know that he was a “Fascist too.”

It is not clear whether Fieri will respond to the outrage.

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