Guess Where the Deadliest Migrant Land Route Is

( – It likely comes as no surprise to American voters that the nation’s southern border has been deemed to be the deadliest land route for illegal aliens in the world. A September 12th report from the International Organization for Migrants revealed that some 686 deaths had occurred on or near the United States border with Mexico in 2022.

The total accounted for about half of what is said to be all the migrant deaths in North, Central, and South America. Throughout the Americas at large, nearly 1,500 immigrant disappearances and deaths were reported. It was the highest tally since the IOM first began collecting data in 2014.

The IOM is a proponent of lax national border policies and appears to view migration as a human rights necessity rather than a matter of national security and stability. Regional Director Michelle Kleine Solomon, who oversees data collection in the Americas and the Caribbean, called the figures “alarming” and referred to them as a “stark reminder” that “decisive action” needs to be taken by individual States.

Solomon said the IOM’s efforts at enhanced data gathering are “crucial” to ensure that “safe” and “regular” travel “routes” remain “accessible” for migrants attempting to access the U.S. southern border. The organization acknowledged that despite the number of reported deaths dipping somewhat in 2022 versus the previous year, the actual numbers are likely higher.

According to the data, about half the deaths near the southern border occur in the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts. Migrants traveling from countries in the Caribbean also died in higher numbers than the previous year. Aliens traveling from Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic accounted for 350 deaths in 2022 versus 245 reported in 2021.

While the data released by IOM focuses on migrants from the Americas, recent reports suggest that thousands of West African men are also taking advantage of U.S. border policies.

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