Grisham’s Gun Ban Faces Challenges

( – The Democratic governor of New Mexico may have just solidified her political fate in the state’s next election. On September 8th, Lujan Grisham announced a ban of at least 30 days on both concealed and open-carry firearms throughout Albuquerque. The move was touted as a public health emergency and followed the tragic shooting deaths of three young children in the state.

Grisham’s order immediately drew the ire of Second Amendment advocates and challenges have already been filed. The National Association for Gun Rights pulled the trigger on a federal suit only one day after the governor’s measure was imposed. Outside of court, many New Mexico residents are both protesting the order in an organized fashion and openly carrying their weapons in defiance.

Even notable liberals are heaping heavy amounts of criticism on the New Mexico official. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu took to Twitter to lambaste the governor and told his followers that Grisham was clearly in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Conservatives may best remember Lieu from a fiery exchange the Californian once had with Candace Owens during her congressional testimony.

During the encounter, Lieu used his allotted time to play a brief clip of Owens referencing Hitler in an apparent effort to make it appear as if the personality was advocating for his policies. Owens verbally unloaded on the politician for what she said was a mischaracterization and the clip went viral.

Activist David Hogg, who has spent years lobbying for stricter gun control, found himself agreeing with Lieu. Public health emergencies do not exist at the state level, he conveyed on Twitter. Republican Senator Ted Cruz reportedly said he was shocked to find himself agreeing with Hogg and Lieu on the issue.

In addition to the NAGR lawsuit, Republicans in the New Mexico State legislature have indicated they are preparing their own legal challenges to the governor’s decree and some are actively calling for Grisham’s impeachment.

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