Governor Abbott Defies Biden’s New Title IX Law

( – President Joe Biden’s rewrite of the federal Title IX regulations has provoked a nationwide backlash, and Texas is one of the first states to put its foot down and say no.

Title IX, introduced in 1972, aimed to give girls and women the same protections under the law afforded to boys and men. It applies to colleges and led to the creation of women’s collegiate sports teams and greater legal protections for women suffering from abuse or discrimination.

The Biden administration’s changes, critics say, completely undermine protections for women by introducing the concept of “gender identity” on equal or greater legal footing than actual biological gender. Gender identity is the notion that humans can “feel” or declare that they are a gender other than the one with which they were born. Men, for example, can claim to be women, and the new Title IX rules require colleges to treat these men as if they are women.

Not so fast, says Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Going back to the original intent of Title IX—and actual reality in the real world—Abbott noted that Congress passed the law when everyone recognized there were “only two sexes, male and female.” In a letter sent to Texas colleges and universities, Abbott wrote that the Lone Star State will not obey the Biden rewrites. He sent colleges an explicit instruction to “ignore” the federal rules.

Abbott said he will not allow the administration to “impose a leftist belief system” and erase progress for women in his state. Abbott also claimed that Biden has exceeded his authority as the executive, rewriting laws that only Congress has the power to change.

Of course, many leftists support the changes to Title IX, arguing that they will extend protections to transgender students that those students need and are entitled to. But despite their angry protests when this fact is pointed out, the reality is indeed real, and allowing people born as men to claim a female “gender identity” will allow these individuals access to women’s locker rooms, sports, and other areas meant to be safe exclusively for women.

At least one Texas university seems to indicate that it will disobey Abbott and abide by the federal rewrites. Texas A&M said that it obeys all federal mandates and that the university is already rewriting its own procedures to obey the Biden alterations by August 1st when the changes go into effect.

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