Government To Spend $700k On Trans-Inclusive Sex Ed For Teens

( – It seems that no matter how many more parents and citizens are pushing back on the government’s apparent interest in sexualizing children, the hard left pushes yet more. Now, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced a $700,000 grant to a nonprofit that wants to teach what it calls “transgender boys” about pregnancy.

What transgender advocates call “transgender boys” are, of course, biological females who claim to “identify” as male. The nonprofit that will receive these tax dollars, the Center For Innovative Public Health Research, aims to teach these biological girls about pregnancy. It believes that “transgender boys” (that is, formerly girls) are not receiving adequate instruction on pregnancy because school education on the topic is “heteronormative” and “cisnormative.”

As is usually the case, the organization speaks in insider jargon that is puzzling or unable to be comprehended by the average person. It refers to “youth who are assigned female at birth” to refer to girls and transgender “boys.” The “assigned female at birth” description is meant to suggest that the biological gender of children is merely an arbitrary decision by the obstetric doctor, instead of an observation of biological reality.

The Center claims such girls are “at risk” of “negative sexual health outcomes” because they are “excluded” from normal school health education, which it labels “cisgender” and “heteronormative.” The message the Center seems to want to impart, but which it will not state directly, is that these individuals whom it calls “transgender boys” will not understand that they are biologically capable of getting pregnant. As bizarre as this may sound, it may actually be true, considering how confused the leftist trans agenda has made both children and adults about matters that were, until recently, recognized as plain old facts about the birds and the bees.

For example, the Center claims that these transgender individuals are less likely to use condoms when having relations with “people who have penises” (what most people call “boys and men”). It then reminds the reader that these “transgender boys” are “at least as likely as cisgender girls to be pregnant.”

The Center plans to offer this “education” through text messages; the plan is apparently for adults at the nonprofit to send individual text messages about adult topics to confused American children.

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