GOP Turns Up the Heat in the Senate, Blocks Biden Nominees

( – Like it or not, the word “revenge” is in the air. As conservative lawmakers and voters get angrier over what they see as abnormal legal persecution of presidential candidate Donald Trump, some GOP senators are vowing to strike back.

President Joe Biden has 44 judicial nominees he’d like to get on the federal courts, but he’s facing resistance from a group of six in the Senate. They are Mike Lee of Utah, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, JD Vance from Ohio, Kansas’ Roger Marshall, Eric Schmitt of Missouri, and Bill Hagerty from Tennessee.

Of course, the two parties always fight over judicial nominations. Federal judges have enormous power to shape the daily lives of Americans, and each party is interested in getting as many judges who share their beliefs seated as possible. But the stakes are higher now given the anger inspired by the Biden administration’s alleged legal targeting of Donald Trump.

Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville has been a thorn in the side of Democrats for years as he has held up the appointments of military officers over what he sees as the military’s illegal payment of abortion for female service members. He’s now using the same approach to judicial nominations, and he has five colleagues on his side.

In a letter outlining their intentions, the six senators wrote that they have all vowed to work against “attempts to fast-track the confirmation of Biden nominees.” They made it clear they’re working as a team, and it won’t be up to Tuberville or “a single Member’s willingness” to hold up the process.

The group is open about the fact that they’re responding to what they call the “current administration’s persecution” of Trump, and they’re going to hold up the president’s candidates for U.S. Attorney, too.

The letter continued, stating the group won’t allow fast-tracking for candidates “who have suggested the Trump prosecutions were reasonable,” or who believe Trump is guilty of the charges against him. The senators are particularly angry at those who supported Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s successful prosecution of Trump for falsifying business records in relation to a hush-money payment to an adult film star.

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