GOP Hopes to Turn Kentucky Red in Next Gubernatorial Race

( – Republican officials in Kentucky are hoping to retake the governorship in the state’s upcoming gubernatorial election after Democrat Andy Beshear defeated Republican Governor Matt Bevin in 2019.

Republican gubernatorial nominee and Attorney General Daniel Cameron is the party’s new hopeful in Kentucky’s upcoming gubernatorial race. State Republican Party officials are optimistic that Cameron can defeat Beshear, despite the Democrat’s unusually high favorability in what is otherwise an extremely red state.

Beshear also recently lost the backing of an important law enforcement group on Tuesday, August 15. The Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police (KY State FOP) endorsed Cameron instead, according to a press release by the organization. In the release, the organization stated that while Cameron was the state’s attorney general, he had their backs. Beshear was also caught in an apparent lie when he stated that transgender surgeries are not being performed on minors, despite a Kentucky clinic’s admission to the contrary.

Kenton County GOP Chair Shane Noem is optimistic, telling the Daily Caller that the state’s Republican Party is “energized” and “unified.” He also said that for all the time Beshear has been in office, he hasn’t had to deal with anyone attacking him, and that the press has been going easy on him. Cameron’s campaign intends to highlight the shortcomings of Beshear’s administration, including the controversy about transgender surgeries on minors.

Beshear also received widespread backlash due to his rather draconian lockdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, restaurants and bars in the state sued the governor for issuing executive orders that imposed tougher restrictions on public gatherings, such as eating in a restaurant. Republicans have long since opposed COVID-19 lockdown policies, condemning them as a gross overreach of government power.

Despite the setbacks for Beshear’s campaign, however, he is still the fifth most popular governor in the country, sporting a 64% approval rating in Kentucky, according to a July 24 Morning Consult poll.

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