Good Samaritan Stops U.S. Navy Chief After He Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend

( – U.S. Navy Chief Kyle Rogemoser is in hot water after a celebration of his promotion turned into an argument with his girlfriend, which then escalated to violence, ultimately landing him in a Florida jail. Rogemoser is alleged to have punched his girlfriend multiple times before a good samaritan passing by their room heard her screams.

Rogemoser was arrested when witnesses pointed him out to deputies at the Jacksonville, FL, DoubleTree Hotel on October 7th. He was sporting a large, red abrasion across his neck at the time.

Rogemoser was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, violence between couples is unfortunately a common problem. He was “extremely intoxicated” according to reports and told deputies that he could not understand his Miranda rights.

The police arrived at the hotel around 5 p.m. on October 6th and shared an unspecified alcoholic beverage. The couple had a celebration dinner and planned to stay the night. Things took a dark turn after they went up to their hotel room.

Rogemoser’s girlfriend said she was punched three times near her mouth and began to call for help. After hearing a knock at the door, she opened it and was rescued by the unnamed good samaritan who picked her up and carried her downstairs so she could call 911.

Rogemoser was booked in Duval County on October 7th and bailed out days later when a family member paid the $5,003 bond, according to court records.

His girlfriend, who shares a residence with Rogemoser got a temporary restraining order which prohibits him from all forms of contact. He’ll be back in court on October 31st. The U.S. Navy did not respond to requests for comment, but typically this kind of behavior earns severe consequences, including a dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits.

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