Germany Express Frustration at Ukraine’s Lack of Progress

( – German officials are frustrated with Ukraine’s progress in its war against Russia, as was revealed by a confidential report published by the German news outlet Bild. The report detailed the German army’s frustration with Ukrainian military efforts, which did not live up to expectations for its summer offensive against Russia.

The report further revealed that Germany has placed the blame on Ukrainian military officers who have supposedly not implemented the plans and training they were given by Western countries. The Ukrainian army is dividing its forces into smaller units of 10 to 30 soldiers to attack Russian forces, which, according to Western military training exercises, negates any advantage the Ukrainians could have had.

The report said that while each troop unit has a purpose, a joint combat leadership is nevertheless “unrecognizable,” which has resulted in an increase of friendly fire. The 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers that had been trained in Western military strategy have reverted back to old orders by Ukrainian officers who have little regard for Western fighting tactics.

Russian President Vladmir Putin has already boasted about Ukraine’s summer offensive not going as planned, saying that “there is no counteroffensive.” Putin has also since claimed that over 100 tanks provided to Ukraine by Western countries have been destroyed since early July. Putin continued to boast about how Ukrainian forces were unable to break through Russian defenses in the eastern portion of Ukraine, which Russian forces have largely taken over.

While Putin’s claims are impossible to verify, he said further that Ukrainian soldiers go as far as to not even use Western tanks in the first place, as they have become priority targets for Russian forces. Pro-Ukraine observers have noted that approximately 15% of American-produced Leopard 2R tanks have been lost.

The news comes as Russia continues on with its invasion of Ukraine. Russia has expanded the pool of men eligible for the draft in order to recruit more personnel for the war.

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