George Santos Accused of Wasting Campaign Funds on Botox and OnlyFans

( – In addition to the 23 federal charges that have been leveled on New York Rep. George Santos, the Republican lawmaker was also subjected to a House Ethics Committee investigation. Their findings, which were released in mid-November, allege a plethora of improprieties against the Empire State legislator, many of which would be illegal if proven true.

According to available reporting, Santos’ peers in the House have determined that their colleague was a financially strapped candidate who knowingly and deceptively used campaign donations to lead a luxurious celebrity-like lifestyle. Among the bevy of allegations against him are claims that the New Yorker used donors’ money to fund casino splurges, his honeymoon, high-end shopping excursions, Botox injections, and payments to OnlyFans adult content creators.

The Investigative Subcommittee of the Ethics panel reportedly found that Santos allegedly combined voters’ donations with a mountain of personal high-interest credit card debt to fund his apparently excessive spending habits. As a result, the rep. was burdened by what the committee said was an atrocious credit rating.

Some may note that the panel is not alleging fraudulence on the part of Santos in regard to his credit card usage. They have however suggested the lawmaker supplemented what he could not cover on credit cards with a series of “highly suspicious” cash deposits that have thus far not been accounted for.

According to the ISC’s findings, Santos also withdrew just shy of one-quarter million dollars of cash for what they designated as unknown purposes. Their probe labeled his cumulative financial behaviors as “a pattern of” purchases that may not be legitimately verifiable campaign expenditures.

The committee further alleged that Santos’ unwillingness to cooperate with their investigation forced them to draw nefarious conclusions about his intentions. In a seven-paragraph tweet on November 16th, Santos blasted the subcommittee’s findings as a biased “politicized smear.”

Santos, who recently announced he will not be seeking reelection, has also been accused of using donations to pay his rent.

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