Gates, Kodama Systems Want to Chop Down Trees to Influence Global Warming

( – You can be forgiven if you find yourself reminded of a James Bond villain when thinking of Bill Gates. The humble philanthropist’s efforts to socially and environmentally engineer the planet are well-known and his latest proposal seeks to deforest a chunk of the western United States in the name of saving it.

His latest plan is not just an on-paper theory. The former tech CEO’s billions of dollars in resources have already allowed him to invest more money into his newest pet project than most Americans make in ten lifetimes. To date, he has spent some $8 million on a scheme that calls for “unmerchantable biomass” to be chopped down and buried.

In cooperation with Kodama Systems, a company that bills itself as a “forest restoration” entity, Gates intends to clear cut 70 million acres of forest by 2033. For the sake of reference, that total is equal to 109,375 square miles or roughly the size of the entire State of Nevada.

The rationale behind the proposal is the same as that touted by Gates when he provided funding for a startup that sought to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cows. Bovine flatulence and excrement were responsible for 6 percent of total global emissions, Gates claimed at the time.

The extreme end of that philosophy led scientists to attach gas-capturing bags onto cows as they roamed their pastures. Kodama’s intention of burying the trees they cut reportedly seeks to serve the same purpose. Their cooperative venture with Gates will generate money, but not in the form of timber.

The buried wood will be converted into carbon offsets and sold to the highest bidder. Kodama’s website promotes the idea as an opportunity for “private investment” and says that their plan will lead to restoration of forest habitats for “future generations.” Kodama further justifies their plan by saying that forests are responsible for generating CO2 in the form of wildfires.

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