Gaetz Threatens McCarthy, Republicans Threaten Gaetz

( – Establishment GOP members of the House are getting ready to hit back at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) after the latter promised to motion to vacate Speaker McCarthy for his repeated willingness to violate agreements he made with members of the House Freedom Caucus.

An anonymous member of the House scuttled over to Fox News to make sure the media was covering an ethics committee report reviewing Gaetz. That same anonymous source didn’t indicate what was in the report, however. The individual referred to Gaetz as “a smart guy without morals.” He also said Gaetz was intolerable to some members of the House, including himself.

They cannot kick Gaetz out, however, without a two-thirds majority voting in favor. Losing another Republican would be a huge boon to the Democrats as the Republican majority is razor-thin, especially following the federal indictment of Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

Gaetz has become a vocal Republican critic of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Claiming that McCarthy has made conflicting promises to different parties making it impossible to trust him as leadership. He also criticized McCarthy for blowing past agreed-upon spending limits and weaponizing shutdown politics to force compliance among Republicans.

When asked about the motion to vacate by reporters, McCarthy responded by saying that he would “survive.” He also suggested Gaetz’s issue was personal in nature and suggested that he should “get over it.”

Gaetz told CNN that it wasn’t personal, that he was concerned specifically about spending limits and how McCarthy had violated an agreement he had made about how spending would be packaged. Gaetz and others want spending votes to be separate and distinct so they can be debated and voted down without risking other parts of the government.

House Ethics Committee has been looking into Gaetz since 2001 over allegations of drug use, bribery, and campaign finance crimes – all of which Gaetz has vehemently denied. The Department of Justice also refused to prosecute old allegations that Gaetz purchased intimate favors from a minor which he also strongly denies.

On October 3rd, in a historic vote, Gaetz made good on his threats, and McCarthy was officially removed from his position as Speaker. Republicans may try to elect a new Speaker in the coming weeks, but until then, the House is at a standstill. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) will take over as acting Speaker until the position is filled.

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