Fox Denies Guilfoyle And Trump Jr. from Spin Room

( – The first Republican primary debate for the 2024 presidential election came with a bit of drama for certain influencers who were there to cover the event. Fox News hosted the debate in Milwaukee, with a spin room media gathering afterward.

Former President Trump did not participate in the debate, but Donald Trump Jr. and his fiancé Kimberly Guilfoyle still attended so they could commentate for their shows on the streaming platform Rumble. Guests who were there to represent the candidates’ campaigns were allowed into the spin room, in addition to candidate affiliates who were guests of media outlets. Nevertheless, Fox News denied the couple from entering into the spin room.

Donald Trump Jr. blasted the network on live video as he was being turned away, stating that “it shouldn’t surprise any of us.” He added that Fox’s actions only reaffirmed his father’s decision not to attend the debate. During a Newsmax interview with Rob Schmitt the following night, Guilfoyle explained that she and Trump Jr. did live commentary and sat with the CEO of Rumble at the debate. She thanked David Bossie from the Republican National Committee (RNC) for checking in on them but said that “there is no way you are encouraging Donald Trump to show up for any more of these sham debates” by allowing Fox News to act that way.

Guilfoyle further criticized Fox for filling the spin room with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s surrogates, stating that he doesn’t have a chance at beating Trump, who is dominating all the polls. She accused the network of making the disastrous move of propping up DeSantis. Guilfoyle also politely offered a critique of DeSantis’s attire, telling Schmitt that his suit was ill-fitting.

Former President Trump spent the evening of the debate commenting on Truth Social about the debate and his interview with Tucker Carlson on X, formerly known as Twitter. Carlson posted the interview five minutes before the Republican debate began, garnering 90 million impressions within just a few hours. As of August 27, Carlson’s video has 830,000 likes and 261 million impressions. The debate received just under 13 million viewers, which is slightly more than half of the number of viewers who watched the first Republican primary debate for the 2016 presidential election.

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