Four-Year-Old Girl Fatally Struck by Car in South Boston

( – The Boston Children’s Museum released a statement of mourning after a four-year-old girl was struck and killed by a vehicle in an intersection near the museum. The crash occurred at about 5 pm at the intersection of Sleeper and Congress Streets on Sunday, March 24th.

Police have not identified the girl who was killed, but they say she was with her family walking down the street when she entered the roadway. Moments later a Ford F150 truck hit the girl, who was knocked unconscious. She was pronounced dead at the hospital just before 6 in the evening.

The truck’s driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with police, who have not released the driver’s identity. No charges have been filed so far.

Boston Children’s Museum President Carole Charnow said in a written statement the Museum has been concerned about pedestrian safety at the intersection where the death occurred. Museum staff are “devastated by this tragedy,” Charnow’s statement said. The intersection has “issues” regarding the speed at which cars travel, as well as lines of sight, the statement continued.

The museum has not clarified whether the girl and her family had attended the museum, which closed about an hour before the fatal crash took place.

Neighbors said they were stunned by the accident. Local resident Kim Harris told the local NBC affiliate called it “sad and awful,” and mused that the girl and her family were probably just trying to have a nice day at the exhibit, just as Harris’ family was. The museum had been scheduled to remain closed last week for maintenance, but it was open on Sunday.

Museum president Charnow said the staff had already signed up to attend a neighborhood association meeting focused on pedestrian safety at the intersection. In addition, a March 26th museum meeting had made time to get an update from Boston’s Transportation and Public Works department on making the Sleeper and Congress Streets intersection safer for people traveling on foot.

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