Four Teenagers Dead After Grand Theft Auto Results In Crash

( – Two 15-year-olds, a 14-year-old, and a 17-year-old are all dead after the 14-year-old driver lost control of the stolen Kia they were driving and crashed it into a tree, triggering an explosion and fire. The accident occurred in Prince George’s County, Maryland on September 29th.

A family member has insisted that at least two of the kids did not know the vehicle was stolen. Police released additional information regarding the accident on Monday, October 9th. The teenagers involved were Zyshaun Cuffey, 15; Marquay Swann, 14; and Serenity Sellman, 15; police did not specify the fourth person.

The family of Dartel Byers, 17, had confirmed he was dead following the accident and was in the vehicle at the time.

Police spotted the Kia with expired tags and attempted to pull it over, however, the driver sped off and officers decided to not pursue them after they lost sight of the SUV. Officers reported that they were informed that the tags did not match the vehicle and began to look for it again, however, the few minutes that passed were all it took for Swann to lose control of the vehicle and crash it into a tree on the side of Woodmore Road.

The crash caused a fire that killed all the occupants. Only four minutes had passed from when officers stopped pursuit. All four teens were pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Maryland police determined that the car had been stolen in an armed carjacking earlier that very same day. The owner reported that 5 people accosted him on Edmonston Court shortly before 1 a.m. and demanded his keys. Seeing that one of them had a rifle, he tossed them the keys and ran away.

Police have yet to identify suspects in the carjacking, so it is unclear if any of the teens were involved. How they ended up with the stolen vehicle is still under investigation.

Byers and Sellmen were cousins and were picked up in the car by the other kids around 7 p.m. that evening, according to Sellman’s godmother. She said that the kids had no idea the car was stolen.

The family is demanding a full accounting of what happened and the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has stated that the evidence they reviewed suggests their deaths were not “officer-involved.”

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