Former Trump Org. Controller Breaks Down In Tears During Fraud Trial

( – Former Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney burst into tears during his testimony on November 21st in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ legal assault against former President Trump over the valuation of some of his real estate holdings.

McConney indicated that the constant allegations, the bad-mouthing in the press, subpoenas, and testifying had all taken an extreme toll on his mental health and well-being. The question that prompted his breakdown came from Trump attorney Jesus Suarez who asked why McConney had resigned from the company.

Prior to answering McConney paused, removed his glasses, and tossed his arms above his head. Another Trump attorney, Alina Habba, suggested the court officer bring some tissues and Judge Arthur Engoron approved.

McConney apologized for the outburst. He’s also a co-defendant in civil proceedings against Trump. He said that the numerous subpoenas, appearances for testimony, and multiple accusations of wrongdoing from officials and media were stressful and exhausting.

Pausing several times to wipe tears from his eyes, he expounded at length on his love for the Trump Organization and said he’s proud of his work over the last 35 years. He said he believed the numbers were completely justified and legitimate and that the worth of the assets isn’t fully accounted for by numbers on paper.

After years of harassment and accusations, he said that he had given up and was tired of the process.

McConney pointed out that the numbers came from multiple sources who all agreed on their legitimacy at the time they were generated.

The former Trump employee admitted that his memory had been faulty during analysis of some handwritten notes he had made on draft statements. He also admitted that the valuation of the properties deviated from standard accounting principles.

He further added that the numbers were accurate and indicated where they had come from in all of his reports and filings with banks in order to secure loans.

No banks or lenders had ever challenged the credibility or veracity of those numbers, and all the loans were repaid in full. The only party with a complaint in New York is Attorney General Letitia James who ran her entire campaign on the promise of getting Trump.

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