Former Trump Legal Adviser Suspended from Practicing Law after Guilty Plea

( – Attorney Jenna Ellis, who assisted former President Donald Trump devise a legal strategy to challenge the 2020 election result in Georgia had her law license suspended in infamously left-leaning Colorado as a consequence.

Colorado was recently the center of a Supreme Court case where local officials attempted to keep Trump off the ballot using the claim he engaged in insurrection on January 6th as the pretext. The SCOTUS overturned the ruling by Colorado’s all-Democrat state supreme court in early March.

Ellis’ suspension will begin on July 2nd and run for three years in the state. Other states would likely refuse to allow her to work as a licensed attorney as well. The case marks another attack on former Trump associates, sending a message to Republicans that anyone who aids Trump will come under legal scrutiny. The practice of using the justice system to attack political opponents on flimsy pretexts is known as lawfare.

John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani have both had their law licenses suspended as a consequence of their involvement with Trump. Unlike Ellis, Eastman, Giuliani, and Trump are contesting the charges against them. Ellis pleaded guilty and delivered a tearful apology claiming that she never would have represented Trump if she knew then what she knows now.

She said she has “deep remorse” for her behavior which likely lessened the sentence imposed by the judge. The judge in the case had previously signed onto a censure for Ellis wherein it was claimed she made 10 “misrepresentations” regarding the 2020 election, including the claim that Trump won. Many Americans still believe the 2020 election was suspiciously unusual for a number of reasons, including the deviance of bellwether counties, an extremely high number of mail-in ballots, and the delay in the result.

Ellis has completely ditched Trump and disavowed her work for him; she wrote the Colorado Supreme Court a full confession and apology for her role in Trump’s attempt to legally scrutinize the results of the 2020 presidential election. Ellis goes well over the line from apologizing to supporting Democrat talking points in the letter; perhaps she believed that doing so would lessen the penalties at sentencing.

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