Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Bombarded by Legal Troubles

( – A court in Pakistan convicted former Prime Minister Imran Khan of sharing state secrets on January 30th slamming him with a ten-year prison sentence for the alleged offense. The embattled politician has been besieged with legal woes many are suggesting are part of a political witch hunt to disempower the popular politician and his party.

Khan isn’t on the ballot for upcoming parliamentary elections in Pakistan; he’s currently serving a three-year prison sentence after demonstrations became violent last year and Khan was blamed. Commentators have drawn parallels between his treatment and that of Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump in America.

The February 8th elections arrive as Pakistan is suffering an economic crisis. Current PM Shehbaz Sharif is still coping with the problem even after securing a large bailout from the IMF. The problem with that plan is it resulted in new taxes on gas and electricity which in turn made Sharif’s party incredibly unpopular.

Khan’s conviction on Tuesday stems from accusations he waved classified documents before a crowd during a rally. Khan suggested that the documents were proof his ouster was sought by U.S. intelligence agencies who were conspiring with the opposition party. The claim has been denied by U.S. and Pakistan officials.

Another party official, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, was convicted of altering the contents of a diplomatic cable for political purposes and received a 10-year sentence.

Khan’s sister, Aleema Khan, said the trial was a sham that lacked fairness. She also suggested the verdict was rushed. She urged supporters to vote for her brother’s party, the PTI. Qureshi’s family also denounced the verdict and planned to appeal his conviction.

Khan faces over 150 different allegations including contempt of court charges and allegations he incited violence among his supporters.

Pakistani organizations that champion human rights said the elections weren’t going to be fair as so many of the opposition party leaders have been forbidden from running due to weaponized criminal allegations.

PTI leaders are still calling for calm and peaceful behavior and encouraging everyone to vote with their frustrations.

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