Former Obama Strategist Suggests Biden Drop Out

( – Though readers should not make the mistake of assuming David Axelrod has given his endorsement to former President Donald Trump, the one-time senior advisor to Barack Obama is now seemingly suggesting that our nation’s current Command-in-Chief needs to back off his presumed 2024 presidential run. His inclusion in the race, Axelrod says, would likely be to the detriment of the Democrats.

Axelrod took to Twitter on November 5th and appeared to suggest that President Joe Biden should finish his term and then ride away into the sunset for good. He posted five times on the topic in quick succession, all of which were tied to the latest poll numbers on a Trump-Biden matchup.

A few hours before Axelrod’s post, the New York Times published results that showed President Biden significantly trailing his predecessor in five of six key swing states. According to the outlet’s numbers, the former President is leading his contender by 10 points in Nevada.

In Georgia, the Republican has a 6-point lead over Biden. In the States of Michigan and Arizona, his lead is only one point less. The smallest swing state lead Trump has can be found in Pennsylvania, where he leads Biden by four points. In Wisconsin, the ex-President is only trailing the current occupant of the White House by two points.

Among Axelrod’s five referencing posts, one of them said the Times’ numbers are likely to sow “tremors of doubt” throughout the liberal establishment. He said their findings were “not bed-wetting,” but were still a cause for “legitimate concern.”

The former Obama administration official ended his social media analysis by saying that only the President could decide if a 2024 run is wise. Axelrod said Biden was obligated to ask himself if his candidacy best served his own interests or those of the country.

Alexrod also laid into former President Trump and called him an “unhinged demagogue” whose policies were overtly “dangerous.”

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