Former NPR Editor Exposes Station’s Rampant Bias

( – Uri Berliner has shaken up the offices at National Public Radio with an essay on Substack that says his former employer has lost its way politically. Berliner’s explosive article paints a picture that confirms what many former NPR listeners have long believed, that the broadcaster is captured by extreme left “woke” politics.

Fox News analyst Juan Williams said nothing in Berliner’s essay surprised him. NPR fired Williams 14 years ago after he made commentary on Fox News that rubbed the liberal public broadcaster the wrong way. Williams remarked that in the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, seeing plane passengers in “Muslim garb” made him uncomfortable.

Williams made a guest appearance on the Ingram Angle with host Laura Ingraham and recounted what his firing was like. He said he didn’t think of himself as a “wild-eyed conservative,” but that NPR could not tolerate any commentary outside its preferred political lens. “Not only did they fire me—they called me a psycho,” Williams told Ingram.

Uri Berliner’s essay appeared on the Substack publication “The Free Press,” run by Bari Weiss, formerly of both the New York Times and the Washington Post. Weiss herself has described the politically and socially rigid work atmosphere at both of her former employers.

Berliner described a situation at NPR that sounds pretty much exactly what many former listeners believed was happening. He claimed to have found that everyone in the newsroom was a Democrat; he did not find a single political conservative. NPR’s commitment to “woke” leftist politics drove it to cover up the Hunter Biden Laptop story, to deny that biological sex exists in order to be seen as supporting transgender activism, and much more.

Predictably, NPR brass disputes Berliner’s claims. The headline on the organization’s site says it all: “NPR defends its journalism after senior editor says it has lost the public’s trust.” NPR’s chief news executive rejected Berliner’s report, saying NPR was “proud to stand behind the exceptional work” done at the network. The broadcaster does not yet appear to have responded to any of Berliner’s specific claims.

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