Former Georgia Republican Pledges Vote to Biden

( – The old adage about politics making strange bedfellows seems especially relevant in 2024. There is a re-sorting of political allegiances happening across the political spectrum, with demographic groups who traditionally vote Democrat increasingly supporting Donald Trump for president.

But it works in both directions. On May 6th, Geoff Duncan, formerly the Lt. Governor of Georgia, pledged his support for President Joe Biden. The Republican said he would not vote for Trump because he “has disqualified himself” by his behavior, and it reflects badly on Trump’s character.

Duncan characterized Trump as a johnny-come-lately to the Republican Party who isn’t a real Republican and does not represent the party’s “brand.” Duncan has “belonged to the GOP” for his whole life, he said, and called his choice for Biden a vote for a “decent person”. Even though Duncan disagrees with Biden’s policies, he said, he will not vote for a “criminal defendant” who lacks a “moral compass.”

Duncan is a CNN contributor.

The former Lt. Gov did not stop there. He called Trump a “horrible human being”, referring to Trump’s ongoing trial in the Stormy Daniels hush-money case. New York Attorney General Alvin Bragg is prosecuting Trump for allegedly violating campaign finance laws by mislabeling a $130,000 payment to Daniels as “legal expenses.” Daniels, a former adult film star, claims to have had an extramarital affair with Trump in 2006. Trump denies this.

Duncan took his message to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, too, writing an editorial explaining his political choice. He wrote that he is dismayed to see more Republicans “fall in line behind” Trump, including people who have stridently criticized the 45th president. Duncan names Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire, as examples.

Duncan thinks his GOP colleagues should vote for Biden as well, arguing that the nation has to put the Trump presidency in the past. Duncan himself admits he’s concerned about President Biden’s age, and he is not a fan of the Biden administration’s far-left progressive policies. But he believes the Republican Party will stagnate if they don’t leave Trump in the past.

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