Former Democrat Prosecutor Dodges Jail Time for Fraud and Perjury

( – A former prosecutor with Baltimore City – who came into the national spotlight over her handling of the prosecution of city cops who killed a black suspect – won’t have to serve any time behind bars for her conviction on charges of perjury and fraud. The sentence was handed down on Thursday, May 23rd.

Democrat and former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will serve one year of home confinement and serve 100 hours of community service with three years on probation thereafter for conviction on charges that she engaged in fraud to secure a mortgage and improperly accessed city funds to put down payments on personal real estate.

Mosby hugged her supporters shortly after sentencing, many of whom clapped when the judge revealed she wouldn’t be heading to prison. Mosby told her supporters during a press briefing that followed that she was “incredibly grateful.”

The conviction stems from lies Mosby told about her financial situation which allowed her to get early withdrawals from her retirement accounts with the city during the pandemic. She also lied while applying for her mortgage, suggesting that she had $5,000 which was gifted to her by her husband for the down payment. In reality, the money was hers.

Mosby, 44, maintained her innocence throughout the trial and didn’t take the opportunity to address the court prior to sentencing. Her lawyers had announced their intention to appeal any conviction and ask President Joe Biden for a pardon.

U.S. District Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby said that the fact Mosby had two small girls weighed heavily on her decision, and ultimately contributed to the lack of jail time. Griggsby also asked prosecutors who the victims in the case were, to which they suggested the public was harmed doubly: by the act itself, but also by the lies thereafter and lack of remorse.

Mosby came to national prominence in 2015 for her prosecution of the officers involved in the shooting of Freddie Gray after riots broke out in the city. The officers involved were acquitted and additional charges against other officers were dropped concurrently. She lost reelection shortly after her indictment.

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