Former College Volleyball Player Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Hazing

( – A former volleyball player for Northwestern University is suing her alma mater due to allegedly suffering a hazing incident while she was on the team.

The player, whose name is under the pseudonym “Jane Doe” has filed a lawsuit against the university alleging “hazing, harassment, bullying and retaliation,” while playing on the team. She also alleges in the legal action that she was subjected to “suicide runs,” a popular cardio exercise, and sufferred injury because of their excessive nature. She says that she the suicide runs were punishment for not abiding by COVID-19 protocols.

Suicide runs are an exercise where athletes usually run back and forth from one line to the other as fast as they can. When done for long periods of time, they are known to be incredibly physically challenging.

The punishment in the form of extra suicide runs happened when she contracted COVID-19 after supposedly breaking the university’s protocols designed to stop the spread of the virus. The lawsuit claims that Northwestern volleyball coach Shane Davis and his assistant coach were the ones to dish out the punishment, and that everyone on the coaching staff observed Doe’s punishment.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges Davis compelled her to write a letter of apology, and that she was further ostracized by the players on her team. She claims to have spoken with Derrick Gregg, the university’s athletic director, about the volleyball team’s culture, but he “did nothing in response” to her claims, according to the lawsuit.

The anonymous former student had originally submitted a hazing complaint to the university in March 2021, according to a university spokesperson. The coaching staff was suspended following an investigation into the incident, and the team had to undergo anti-hazing training.

A former Northwestern quarterback, Lloyd Yates, has also filed his own lawsuit alleging hazing on the football team, such as unwanted sexual, verbal and physical harassment. The lawsuit, which spans 52 pages, alleges that Yates and his teammates experienced.

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