Florida GOP Moves to Remove Party Chair After Assault Investigation

(TargetDailyNews.com) – The Chairman of Florida’s state Republican party is under fire for allegations of rape after his paramour, who was part of a would-be ménage a trois with the chairman and his wife, claims she was too drunk to consent to the encounter.

Christian Ziegler is facing calls to resign his position from within the party and from Florida voters over the allegations. The woman making the accusations has not been named. She claims to have had an alcohol-fueled adult encounter with Christian and his wife, Bridget. Bridget Ziegler is a colleague of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. She co-founded the conservative group Moms For Liberty but is no longer involved with it.

The illicit encounter took place on October 2nd, but the parties characterize it quite differently. Apparently, Christian and Bridget Ziegler were planning a three-way encounter with the woman, but Bridget was unable to attend. The woman, the third party, initially backed out when she learned Bridget would not be there.

Christian Ziegler told police that he went to the unnamed woman’s house just the same and the two had a consensual encounter. But the woman told her friends, and then the police, that she was too drunk and could not consent, as described on Christian Ziegler’s arrest warrant.

GOP officials are nervous that the allegations against their chair will derail upcoming elections, and some of them want prompt action. One unnamed official told Politico that Christian Ziegler is “living in denial,” and that he appears to think he can behave with the same reckless braggadocio made famous by former president Donald Trump. “This is unsustainable,” the anonymous official said.

Several GOP officials have said they have a sufficient number of party members to hold a meeting on December 17th to consider whether and how to discipline Ziegler. House Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, however, said he would wait for the results of the legal investigation before commenting on the issue.

So far, Christian Ziegler has refused to step down and has not responded to press requests for comment.

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