Flight Diverts After Dropping 28,000 Feet in 10 Minutes

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A Rome-bound United Airlines flight out of Newark was forced to turn back to its city of departure shortly after losing about five and a half miles worth of altitude in only 10 minutes. The September 13th flight took a nose-dive of almost 30,000 feet, and the cabin reportedly lost at least a portion of its pressurization during the events.

Passengers have recalled thinking their Boeing 777 was headed straight for the ground. An artist from Jersey City who was on the flight said she was under the impression that she was about “to die.” 47-year-old Tato Lovere had booked the flight to Italy with her boyfriend in tow and recounted the reactions of her fellow passengers during the plunge.

The artist said people were turning their heads to look at one another in the hopes that someone had an answer for what was going on. Some passengers were screaming and others were silent, but all were in a panicked state, according to Lovere. Everyone “literally thought they were about to die,” she went on to say.

About 30 minutes after the Boeing’s 9:20 p.m. departure, the crew reportedly began making statements on the aircraft’s intercom system warning passengers about potential mechanical issues on the 777. Within a few minutes, the plane is said to have tilted. That initial tilt was quickly followed by a near-uncontrolled descent.

Lovere later learned that her stateside daughter was tracking the plane’s descent in real-time using an online service. According to the Jersey City resident, her daughter watched a digital representation of the plane inexplicably spin in circles on her screen. She reportedly called United Airlines demanding answers but was told by staff that everything was fine.

Despite the sudden drop in both cabin pressure and altitude, the pilots opted to forgo an emergency landing in Halifax. The 777’s crew and passengers arrived back at Newark Liberty without further problems. An investigation is underway.

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