Flag Controversy Leads to Crisis of Confidence in Supreme Court

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Tongues are wagging all over the political spectrum about what pundits are calling a series of “incidents” involving political flags seen flown at the home of conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

The first “flag-gate” incident relates to the fact that an upside-down American flag was spotted flying at Alito’s house about two weeks after the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The images of the flag have resurfaced in the media recently, and Democratic politicians are calling the flag-flying an indication by Alito that he sympathizes with January 6th rioters. Democrats are calling for Alito to recuse himself from upcoming cases involving January 6th, and some are suggesting censure.

The only thing clear about this situation is that there is no societal consensus on what exactly an upside-down flag means. To leftist critics, Alito’s flag indicates sympathy and solidarity with those who believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Despite nearly unanimous agreement in the mainstream media that claims of election fraud are “debunked” and “unfounded,” there are in fact legitimate questions about the election that cannot be answered with simple denials.

Alito claims that the upside-down flag at his house was placed “briefly” by his wife to respond to a spat with their neighbors. In short, the flag “incident” appears to mean whatever a particular observer thinks it means, which lines up with the observer’s political stance.

The inverted American flag is not the only piece of cloth causing consternation, though. The AP reports that the Alitos flew an “appeal to heaven” flag at their beach house in the summer of 2023. This flag shows a pine tree on a white background and dates back to the Revolutionary War. Some “stop the steal” January 6th protesters carried the flag, which has led most media to characterize it as a symbol of “Christian nationalism” and extreme far-right politics.

Democrats are most concerned with Justice Alito’s participation in several cases that will come before the Supreme Court this summer having to do with whether former president Donald Trump can claim presidential immunity for his actions leading up to the events of January 6th. They would relish the opportunity to force Alito to recuse himself from these cases, thereby weakening the power of the conservative majority.

For example, Democratic Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee introduced a resolution calling on the House to censure Alito. Another 45 Democratic House members signed a letter to Alito asking him to recuse himself from the upcoming cases.

At the time of this writing, news on this subject is changing rapidly, and the story is sure to develop over the coming days.

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