Fetterman Says He Will “Save Democracy by Wearing a Suit”

(TargetDailyNews.com) – The hoodie-wearing legislator who admitted himself to Walter Reed for depression right after he was elected to office told NBC on September 20th that he would be willing to wear formal attire on the floor of his chamber so long as Republicans stop being “jagoffs.”

Senator John Fetterman’s comments were made on the same day that he broke down in tears on the floor of the Senate while describing his alleged mistreatment at the hands of his GOP colleagues. During the incident, the Democrat appeared to equate schoolyard bullying with questioning his ability to perform the functions of his job.

Following Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to modify the Senate’s dress code, Fetterman has been showing up to work in shorts and a casual top, the outfit he became known for on the campaign trail. His relaxed appearance has drawn criticism from both the right and left, but the Pennsylvanian has brushed off his detractors by appearing to suggest that they are guilty of superficiality.

A suit is not needed to conduct national business, he seems to say. Decorum issues aside, Fetterman marked the end of his first suit-less Senate appearance with a comment about how the world did not stop spinning because of his wardrobe choices. The legislator also made what many would interpret as a sarcastic quip about the fabric of space-time being torn in two after his legs went uncovered in the place where our nation’s laws are passed.

Fetterman’s suit issue is taking place alongside a crisis in the House, where a large number of Republicans are threatening to shut down the government in response to budgetary disagreements. Members of the House have until September 30th to pass at least a short-term spending bill.

Senator Fetterman took to Twitter on September 20th, where he conveyed a willingness to “save democracy” by putting a suit on at work if conservatives would pass a funding bill that simultaneously supports Ukraine.

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