Fast Food Employees Run Credit Card Scam To Bail Friends Out of Jail

( – The crew at an Indiana Hardee’s has been accused of running a “complex” money laundering operation in a scheme that most readers would likely agree was simultaneously as ingenious as it was stupid. According to the La Porte County sheriff’s office, 10 alleged co-conspiring franchise employees were involved.

They say that all good things must come to an end and had it not been for the unusually large amounts of money that were ending up on La Porte County jail debit cards, the suspected culprits may have been able to get away with what authorities are accusing them of. According to officials, the first step in the scheme involved the theft of debit card numbers.

Thanks to their location’s drive-through, the employees involved in the operation had access to a never-ending supply of new digits, which they would allegedly photograph as customers paid for their food. Those numbers would then be used to transfer funds to internal jail accounts that each inmate has access to while behind bars.

Known as “Securus accounts,” they are the jail-based equivalent of an external civilian checking account. Any money that may be in them can be used for everything from commissary purchases to making bail. Once bail is made, any residual leftover amount is loaded onto a separate debit card.

Inmates, or former inmates in this case, can then take those cards to an ATM and extract the excess cash. According to detectives, that’s exactly what was going on. Officials said the employees at Hardee’s were purposely funneling money to inmates who had the ability to bail out at extremely low costs.

After they were out of the system, the inmates would allegedly head to the closest ATM and pocket the difference. Officials have said they uncovered at least $14,700 in total fraudulent charges. Out of the 10 warrants that were issued in regard to the scheme, nine arrests have been made.

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