Fact Check Fail: Biden’s Tall Tales Debunked

(TargetDailyNews.com) – President Joe Biden has been fact-checked by corporate press outlets due to numerous tall tales he’s told over the years. The claims Biden made that weren’t supported by any documentary evidence include a 40-year relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that he drove an 18-wheeler, and that he was related to a man who was shot down during World War 2 and cannibalized by natives in New Guinea… and that’s not all of them.

Biden’s boasts were checked by famed corporate and alternative press outlets which showed Biden’s claim he drove an 18-wheeler had no factual basis they could find. The White House previously highlighted the fact that Biden drove a school bus during his time at law school, but a bus and an 18-wheeler are very different vehicles. They also found a newspaper article from the 1970s that indicated he embarked on a 500-mile road trip in a cargo truck, which is also not the same as an 18-wheeler.

Biden also made claims that he was a central figure in the Civil Rights era which is yet again unsupported by the evidence. Claims that he was arrested while protesting have yet to be substantiated by factual records.

Biden also suggested he was the first person to go to college in his family during a campaign rally in May. That was contradicted by data that showed his relative, Ambrose Finnegan Sr., went to college in California, according to his obituary.

Biden also repeated family stories that they had an uncle who was shot down and eaten by cannibals in New Guinea during World War II. There’s been no substantiation of that claim according to military records or experts in the country’s cannibal population.

Biden recently told the corporate press that he had known Putin for more than four decades, which would have meant they knew each other before Putin was a public figure, while he was still working with the KGB. Putin was virtually unknown before former Russian President Boris Yeltsin selected him for prime minister in 1999.

Another wild claim by Biden was that he was arrested in South Africa in 1977 attempting to visit Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated at the time for battling the apartheid regime. There is no evidence to support this claim.

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