Ex-Official Sees Long-Term Border Security Gains in SCOTUS Ruling

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A former Border Patrol official saw a positive potential for the future due to SCOTUS rulings on border security after it had ruled in favor of the Biden administration regarding an injunction to remove razor wire fencing.

Biden’s DOJ argued that Texas deploying razor wire on the southern border hampers Border Patrol from aiding migrants in illegally entering the country while they traverse the Rio Grande. They also argued that federal law supersedes state law when it comes to managing immigration.

Retired Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem speaking with Fox News on Tuesday, January 23rd said that the SCOTUS siding with Biden now means that a future Trump administration would have the legal authority to secure the border, even if Democrat-controlled states attempted to interfere.

Speaking to “America’s Newsroom,” Clay suggested that it may hurt right now, but the advantage for the long game was going to go to Trump, assuming he wins in November. Clay added that three out of four border states have Democratic governors who are just as bad as Biden when it comes to failing to enforce the law. Clay said that the authority of the chief executive being reinforced by SCOTUS is just what Trump would need to shut the illegal crossings down in those states.

SCOTUS granted the Biden administration authority to clear and remove razor wire installed by Texas in a narrow 5-4 ruling on Monday, January 22nd. The ruling was a temporary injunction on the matter as the official arguments continue to play out in court. It overturned a previous ruling from an appeals court that sided with Texas.

In the meantime, Texas is refusing to allow Biden’s Border Patrol operational control of the area known as Shelby Park near Eagle Pass, Texas, where countless crossings have happened under the current administration.

Clay added that the issue here is Biden vs Abbott, not Texas vs Border Patrol. He added that the men on the ground are incredibly professional and are working together despite the clash between federal and state authorities.

President for the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd noted that the temporary ruling from SCOTUS will likely cause more criminal crossings over the southern border.

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