Ex-Congressman George Santos Seeks Return to House Despite Expulsion

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Infamous expelled former member of the House George Santos will run again for a New York congressional seat in New York’s 1st District. The district is farther east on Long Island than his previously held seat, meaning more Republicans live there. Currently, Rep. Nick LaLota (R) holds it. Santos’ team filed paperwork that indicates he will challenge LaLota in the primary for this year’s general election. Santos is still popular despite allegations of wrongdoing.

Santos was kicked out from the House last year in December after an ethics investigation and a federal indictment alleged financial crimes. The allegations include suggestions that Santos misused campaign finance funds for personal use, lied to donors, and engaged in fraudulent business deals.

The federal indictment against him alleges 23 criminal counts, including allegations of money laundering, fraud, identity theft, and falsifying records. A House Ethics Committee report detailed a cornucopia of wrong-doing, including claims Santos used his ill-gotten gains on luxury vacations, shopping sprees, and subscriptions for adult content online. Santos has categorically denied all the allegations and pleaded not guilty.

Democrat Tom Suozzi replaced him in a special election a few weeks ago. Suozzi held the seat for three terms before attempting to run for governor in 2022. His absence from the election created room for Santos to win. Suozzi defeated the Republican in that contest who was largely criticized for her failure to endorse Donald Trump.

Santos was exposed for engaging in massive amounts of deception shortly after his 2022 victory. He lied about being Jewish, working for a Wall Street firm, and attending an Ivy League university. Despite his fibs, he’s maintained support for Trump.

Santos mocked Republicans after their defeat during the special election. He sent a group text message to GOP affiliates suggesting that he “hoped you guys are happy” with the loss, suggesting they wasted $10 million in party campaign funds. He called them “f—ing idiots” and wished them “good luck raising money” in the future.

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