Ex-Attorney Accused of Drugging and Killing Two People

(TargetDailyNews.com) – A 77-year-old attorney from Houston is in court, but this time he’s experiencing it as a defendant after being accused of smuggling narcotics into the Harris County Jail. Law enforcement officials say Ronald Lewis secreted the drugs into the jail by lacing sheets of paper with the drugs, which resulted in the death of two inmates.

Authorities have not yet identified what kind of drug Lewis allegedly brought in on paper camouflaged as ordinary documents. The Texas Rangers are testing the paper now.

Court records indicate at least two inmates at the jail died from ingesting the paper-borne drugs after reporting physical distress, but no more details are yet available.

Police arrested attorney Lewis on November 17th at the Harris County Jail; Lewis apparently had 11 sheets of the drug-laced paper on his person when he was taken into custody. So far, he has been charged with two counts of having a banned substance in a correctional facility, though further charges may come as the investigation develops.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. J. Wheeler announced the arrest at a press conference and offered more detail on the alleged smuggling scheme. Lewis would apparently arrive at the jail with a number of papers that appeared to be legal documents but were actually drug-laced. According to Wheeler, some of the paper was “disguised as legal mail.” Lewis allegedly charged inmates between $200 and $500 to deliver the sheets.

The disgraced attorney looks to have turned a tidy profit from the enterprise, having sold his wares to at least 14 inmates between July and November of 2023. Authorities say they don’t yet know what relationship Lewis may have had with any of the prisoners aside from the fact that they were his customers.

Sheriff Ed Gonzales of Harris County told the local Fox News affiliate that his department created a team to tackle the drug problem in the Harris County Jail as inmates have been dying of overdoses at higher rates recently. In 2022, 27 died, and there have been 19 deaths so far in 2023. Inmate mail security has been tightened, and the Sheriff has put three more drug-sniffing dogs on patrol at the lockup.

Attorney Ronald Lewis was released on a $7,500 bond and the condition that he not visit the jail while his case proceeds.

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