Evacuations Ordered in Parts of Rafah Ahead of Assault

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Israel ordered an evacuation hours ahead of an assault on the southern Gazan city and acceptance of a ceasefire framework by Hamas on Monday, May 6th. The Hamas acceptance differed from the Israeli deal offered leading Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to suggest the acceptance was a ruse to deter or delay military action.

While Palestinians were celebrating the announcement of the deal, Israel was beginning its assault on Rafah. Netanyahu had previously said that regardless of the status of the deal being accepted, his war cabinet had unanimously approved going into Rafah for a limited engagement to “exert military pressure” on Hamas to concede to its terms.

While Hamas allies in Qatar and Egypt were announcing the acceptance of the ceasefire, Israel was highlighting the absence of key “requirements” in the proposed acceptance and said that they were continuing to negotiate.

Multiple explosions and Israeli tanks were spotted in and around Rafah by Monday night. Israel claimed they were engaged in “targeted strikes” against Hamas assets and facilities. It was also reported that Israel was seeking to take over the Rafah crossing into Egypt; they believe an attack that killed 4 Israeli soldiers originated from the area.

Ceasefire talks continued on Tuesday according to Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al-Ansari, a spokesman for Qatar. Qatar has been acting as a go-between as Israel and Hamas are not directly communicating with each other.

Ansari indicated that Hamas will hold fast to the current terms which include a permanent end to the conflict and complete withdrawal of Israeli forces which Netanyahu has previously said he wouldn’t accept. The framework also outlines 42-day periods where hostages and prisoners would be exchanged and a progressive outline for long-term peace in the region.

White House spokesman John Kirby indicated that President Biden was briefed and is following the situation. Biden hasn’t issued any comments on the matter. Kirby suggested that the priority is achieving an agreement and ending the fighting. Biden has taken a severe hit with his progressive base over his handling of the conflict.

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