Epstein Victim Accuses Famous Psychiatrist of Heinous Crimes

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Award-winning psychiatrist Henry Jarecki is being sued by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s former victims for sexual assault and human trafficking. The lawsuit claims Jarecki was one of Epstein’s regular friends who aided his human trafficking and criminal behavior.

The woman, only identified by the anonymous moniker “Jane Doe,” claims that Epstein sent her to Jarecki for counseling, and instead of helping her with her emotional problems, he victimized her.

Court documents elaborate that Doe came to the U.S. in 2010 to work as a model but wasn’t legally able to work due to lack of a visa. She said she was introduced to Epstein shortly thereafter, who began to control, abuse, and sexually exploit her. After months of abuse by Epstein, she understandably developed emotional problems, and Epstein sent her to Jarecki for help.

Instead of helping her with counseling or medication, Jarecki allegedly bought her an expensive watch, gave her a tour of his home, and then assaulted her in the bedroom. After telling Epstein, he told her that he made a deal with Jarecki. Jarecki moved her into an apartment near his home and proceeded to abuse and traffic her over the years, according to the lawsuit.

Doe claims Jarecki took testosterone supplements to enhance his sex drive and threatened to pull the rug out from under her and kick her out of her apartment if she refused to obey his commands or engage in illicit activities with the men he directed her to. Doe said that Jarecki would use her immigration status as a cudgel to remind her he was in charge and could have her kicked out of the country at any time.

Doe said she was regularly forced to engage in sexual activities against her will, sometimes with multiple partners at the same time, while Jarecki watched.

Jarecki is another billionaire in Epstein’s orbit. He’s allegedly listed in Epstein’s black book and has made multiple visits to his former private island in the Caribbean.

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