Entire Family Found Dead at Fort Stewart Army Base

(TargetDailyNews.com) – “Domestic in nature” is how Fort Stewart officials are referring to the deaths of an entire family that was housed on the U.S. Army base. The November 17th announcement disclosed the identities of all four members of the Cooper family, two of whom were children.

According to reports, military police were sent to the family’s residence two days earlier to conduct the equivalent of a civilian welfare check after 30-year-old Staff Sergeant Meiziaha Cooper, an active duty soldier, failed to show up for her routine work shift with her unit. After entering the home a little after 2 p.m., MPs reportedly found each of the kin unresponsive.

They were confirmed dead shortly thereafter, though outside of acknowledging the apparent nature of the incident, authorities have not indicated a cause of death or who the initial alleged perpetrator was. Officials have disclosed that Desmond Cooper, the husband and father, was a veteran.

They have yet to indicate if he left the service as an enlisted soldier or officer, nor have they confirmed the reason for or time of his discharge. The couple’s children, Desmond Jr. and Juice, were nine and four years of age.

A number of outlets are reporting that Staff Sgt. Cooper was a decorated military chef and a recipient of numerous awards. Her service ribbons were said to include four separate Army Commendation Medals along with a total of six different Army Achievement Medals.

Upon learning of her death, Cooper’s fellow soldiers took to Facebook and offered condolences that were uniformly glowing. She was described as caring, dedicated, accomplished and motherly. One person in her unit said the Staff Sgt. was considered a mentor to each of the soldiers she served with.

Fort Stewart is about a 45-minute drive from Savannah. The Georgia base is the largest Army installation in the eastern half of the nation and is home to approximately 9,000 active duty soldiers.

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