Elon Musk Desperate to Save Face with Israel Trip

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Elon Musk visited Israel taking a tour of an Israeli kibbutz attacked on October 7th with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 27th. Musk critics rightly suggest he’s doing damage control after the corporate press slurred him for “antisemitism.” Musk responded to a post that suggested Jewish organizations have previously pushed anti-white racism calling it “the actual truth.”

The corporate press has taken to slandering Musk as an antisemite in their latest attempt to discredit him and his platform X (formerly Twitter) which is rapidly displacing them as the people’s source for breaking news.

He’s also had X lawyers sue infamous leftist outlet Media Matters which makes a regular habit of connecting popular influencers like Musk, Joe Rogan, and others with the far-right. In their latest ploy, Media Matters employees created an X account with which they then found and “followed” the most inflammatory far-right accounts. They then scrolled the timeline while logged into the feed, took screenshots of extremist rhetoric appearing next to major advertisers, and then suggested publicly that the feed was a typical example of a user experience. In reality, it was a fabrication by Media Matters.

Despite the deception, major advertisers like Apple, IBM, and others pulled out causing a dip in X’s ad revenue. Musk is confident that the lawsuit will severely harm Media Matters, as he can demonstrate defamation with intent to hurt X’s revenue and the actual financial impact to the courts. Should they win, X could put Media Matters out of business for good, depending on the size of the damages awarded.

Musk’s trip to Israel also came amid an agreement between SpaceX and Israel to use Starlink technology.

Musk has claimed that the corporate press and legacy media are attempting to harm X in order to stop it from displacing them. He’s called all media stories labeling him antisemitic bogus, saying “nothing could be further from the truth.”

Musk’s critics claim the trip to Israel was largely a public relations campaign to combat the negative press and affirm his support for Israel. Others suggested it was more about maintaining his business ties in the country.

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