Donald Trump’s Speech Slip Leads to Onslaught of Jokes and Memes

( – Live by the sword, die by the sword, the saying goes, and it certainly applies to the bombastic former President, Donald Trump, whom no one would describe as a subtle rhetorician. After Trump made an awkward statement during a campaign stop on December 2nd in Iowa, the internet exploded with mockery.

At the tail end of one of Trump’s rambling retellings of conversations he’s had with other people—mainly about what other people say about him—Trump said his team was “waging an all-out war on American democracy.” Clearly, the former president did not mean to suggest that he wanted to take down the American system and the electorate, but fumbles like this are just too juicy for commentators to let pass.

One Twitter user posted a cartoon of Trump placing a bomb at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. Another user named Bill DeMayo riffed on the popular adult animated sitcom “Family Guy”, using the show’s main character, Peter Griffin, saying “Ah! Ah! He said it!”

The tenor of the jokes at Trump’s expense is no surprise, as most who oppose him politically appear to believe he is a singularly dangerous politician who hates America. Most left-leaning political commentators seem to take it for granted that Trump’s goal is to win the presidency and establish an actual dictatorship while ending the U.S.’s constitutional form of government. To them, Trump’s gaffe reads as a Freudian slip.

One pro-Trump Twitter user calling himself “Jordan Vegan Patriot” shot back at leftist commentators, asking them to define exactly what they mean by “democracy.” He said, “I’ll wait right here.” Given the level of discourse on Twitter, it is unlikely his wait will prove fruitful.

Conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network, which is firmly in Trump’s camp, has made an unedited version of Trump’s Iowa remarks available. Trump appears to have caught his error and attempted to correct himself during his remarks. During that segment of the speech, Trump said it was Democrats who were “more and more extreme and repressive,” and that it was the Dems who were waging “all-out war.”

Despite the mounting number of federal and state indictments and charges against Trump, the former president is the favorite to win the 2024 Republican nomination by what appears to be an unbeatable margin.

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