Donald Trump Takes the Reins Leading Up to Iowa Caucus

( – The Iowa caucuses are less than two months away, and former President Donald Trump looks set to clinch the nomination despite the high-powered political backing rival Nikki Haley has secured.

Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and a former United Nations ambassador, recently picked up the endorsement from Americans for Prosperity Action. APA is a political group founded by conservative businessman Charles Koch, and it is an explicitly anti-Trump operation.

APA CEO Emily Seidel sent around a memo about the endorsement that echoed the sentiments of conservatives weary (or afraid) of the bombastic and unpredictable Trump. It stated that a Haley presidency would give the country a chance to “turn the page on the current political era.”

However, a Haley victory seems vanishingly unlikely. Despite being hit by numerous federal and state indictments relating to classified documents, hush money to an adult film star, and allegations of inciting an “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021, Trump outpaces every other comer in the polls. He is the number one choice of Republican voters in almost every national poll, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a distant second place, with Haley just behind DeSantis.

Every time state or federal prosecutors hit Trump with another charge, his popularity either rises or remains the same. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s electoral chances are dropping in projected polls as more Americans can no longer deny the obvious fact that the 80-year-old Biden’s mental acuity is in steep decline.

While recent polls show that Haley may be gaining ground in the important primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s hard to see how she could clinch the prize given Trump’s massive national popularity. But hypothetical polls ahead of elections are not reliable oracles, and Haley is notching support with some very rich and powerful players.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is warming to Haley, encouraging her to keep going and to offer solutions to the nation’s economic problems that he believes cannot be solved by the President’s unfortunately-named “Bidenomics” approach. Billionaire Kenneth G. Langone, who founded the home-improvement chain Home Depot, recently told the New York Times he was “impressed” by Nikki Haley.

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