Doctor Alleges Horrific Aftermath of Siege on Children’s Hospital

( – A Palestinian doctor is coming forward with horrific allegations of war crimes by Israeli occupying forces in Gaza. Dr. Mona Sahwil said she was shocked to witness “infants left to die” without anyone allowed to administer vital medical care. Sahwil’s report comes via The Anadolu Agency. The Washington Post also ran a piece in December detailing the allegations.

Sahwil was working at the ICU in the Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital when she witnessed the Israeli army invade the facility on November 10th. She said the Israelis “besieged” the facility, which put her and many other noncombatants in the line of fire. She said the operation resulted in the facility being evacuated, with patients ostensibly transferred to other facilities.

She said as they were preparing to move the children on ventilators, the Israeli army instructed them to leave them behind and claimed another team would handle the transfer. Sahwil said that she was shocked to discover that no one ever came and the infants were left to die and decompose in their beds.

Ashraf Al-Qudra, a representative from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, confirmed the allegations on February 16 in a written statement. He said that the bodies of five infants were discovered at Al-Nasr Hospital in various states of decomposition.

Director-General of Government Media in Gaza Ismail Al-Thawabta gave Anadolu comments that paralleled the previous claims. He called the incident “a massacre against humanity” and said doctors were forced to leave the children behind at gunpoint by Israeli soldiers. Twenty days later medical teams entered the hospital after the Israelis had moved on and discovered the bodies.

Thawabta blamed the Israelis, as well as the American administration and international community.

Hamas and Israel have been at war since an October 7 surprise attack by Hamas resulted in the deaths of 1200 innocents and roughly 250 people being taken hostage. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war shortly thereafter and promised to continue the carnage until Hamas is eradicated or surrenders unconditionally.

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