DeSantis Scrubs Radical Green Policies from Florida Law

( – The push for so-called “green energy” is going on the back burner in Florida after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed an energy bill that he said would bring back “sanity” to environmental policy.

Labeling the environmental left as “radical green zealots,” DeSantis put his signature on a bill that takes so-called climate change out of the list of priorities for the Sunshine State’s energy policy. In addition, the new law bans electricity-generating wind turbines off the state’s coast and gives incentives for natural gas development.

In coverage of the new bill, media outlets are making sure to claim that “climate change” is already hurting Florida. They mention heat waves, rising sea levels, and the alleged risk of stronger hurricanes due to what they believe is man-made climate change. The goal appears to be to make DeSantis appear indifferent to the alleged climate emergency and its effect on the citizens of his state.

The new law removes most discussions or mentions of climate change in relevant state laws. Many of these were originally inserted during the prior gubernatorial administration of Democrat Charlie Crist. Crist was originally a Republican politician.

A legislative analysis of the bill notes that it concentrates on an energy policy that is affordable, “adequate,” and “reliable,” and that benefits public welfare and a growing economy.

Environmental advocates are displeased and some claim DeSantis is using the climate as part of a divisive, partisan culture war. The Sierra Club’s Florida chapter released a statement claiming the law puts the health and safety of Florida residents in peril.

The group’s political director, Luigi Guadarrama called the move “another feckless decision from Governor DeSantis.” He said it was a “slap in the face” to Florida residents for DeSantis to “eliminate” what he said were only a handful of legitimate “clean, renewable” grant schemes for energy. Guadarrama then said DeSantis was “giving handouts to the gas industry.”

The new law takes effect July 1st. Not only will it expand the natural gas industry, but the law will also lighten regulations on gas transport pipelines and make it harder for advocates to ban gas-burning appliances.

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